Welcome to Our Natural World ...


We protect and preserve every food varieties according to their own characteristics. We meet your logistic need with quality and trust.


We work with our professional staff in a result-oriented way. Our knowledge, experience and warm communication form the foundations of our success. 


We keep the physical conditions and hygienic structure in our facilities alive all the time like a living organism. 

We are at every place
where the human beings exist

All places where the human beings live form our area of activity. Our Denizli-based firm continues to grow every passing day and strengthens its solidness with the outstanding projects.

Batı Ege Tarım ve Tarımsal Lojistik A.Ş.

Organize San. 1. Bölge Nevzat Koru Cad. Honaz / Denizli / TURKEY
Phone:+90 258 269 2433 (pbx) Fax:+90 258 269 1217

Batı Ege Tarım is a Baltalı Group Company.